Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anticipating a New Year

As I see a new year coming soon, I look back at 2012. There were a few challenges, accomplishments, and significant changes. My position at work will be coming to a close by mid-year 2013. I have the opportunity to find a new and different role within the company or start out fresh with a different bank. 2013 is bound to be very similar to 2012 with the number of changes in store! To pay homage to the good in 2012, here is a page I devoted to my team at work. We gave back to the community by volunteering at 3 Square.

At Color Me Scrappy, there is a color challenge. I used that to go with these photos. My journaling is hidden behind the file folder adhered with a line of tape, so it can open easily. The sequins and ink were used to show the celebratory feel I wanted to convey on the layout. It was hard work, but fun at the same time. It was wonderful that the team wanted to give back as a group, and everyone participated!

For 2013, I am ready to release something. Instead of One Little Word to focus on as a goal, this is one little word to stop! I want to release the stress I felt in 2012. There will always be stress, but maybe it will be more beneficial in the new year--more of the type that drives me to succeed in anticipation of a challenge instead of dread! I will relish the happy moments to release the day to day stress. That is my goal for 2013.

Here is a close up of my "release".

This topic was a challenge on Scrapbooking From the Inside Out. I think it is a great way to anticipate the new year. What will you release from 2012? 

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